What is PPC advertising and which platform is best?

What is PPC advertising?  In this episode of ‘Internet Marketing for Humans’ we discuss what PPC advertising is why successful marketers love it so much.  We also reveal the key differences between each platform / website and what motivates us to use specific platforms.  Have you ever wondered which network is the cheapest and which might be the most profitable PPC channel.

If you are curious about advertising on Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Reddit then we hope you find this episode of our podcast useful.

Podcast notes

PPC means ‘pay per click’.

Pay Per Click is advertising where (in most cases) you only pay once someone viewing the advert you have created has actually done something, like ‘clicking’ the advert and visiting your website.

The name isn’t entirely accurate as there are many other ways payment is charged and measured.

Google Ads (previously adwords) and Facebook being the biggest players you may have heard of, but what are the key differences?

The difference is Intent. We use Google Ads to capture people who are actively looking for the solution to a problem.

Facebook is viewed more as a way of advertising to people who are just ‘going about their business’.

Facebook is cheaper than Google Ads on the whole; Facebook prices are rising but Google Ads is still currently more expensive because of searcher intent. People paying for advertising will only pay higher prices for advertising that works.

Linked In expensive because you can target very specific job titles etc.

Pinterest , Twitter and Reddit are cheaper because they have a smaller, and slightly untested market share.

Instagram is owned by Facebook so you can advertise from the Facebook ads platform. Numbers are high but intent is low. Good for videos views though, but right now in our experience it’s best for brand awareness rather than measurable sales.

So each platform has different strengths and weaknesses.

In summary:
Google Ads tends to be the most expensive but can get astounding results, if you have the budget. The testing period for Google Ads can be slightly longer, but is usually a worthwhile investment.

Facebook ads is great for brand exposure and interaction, but make sure you use the ads platform, the ‘boost’ can be a fast way to spend money with no results

Other platforms have their place, but Google Ads and Facebook are currently the two big players.

There are lots of other ad networks we haven’t mentioned, but they tend to have a higher entry point in terms of budget.

Finally, the most important thing to consider before spending any money on PPC is measurability. If you haven’t got good systems set up to measure your version of what you consider success than we wouldn’t advise spending any money at all.

PPC can see daunting, and the platforms / software aren’t terrible friendly, but the results can be great. In our experience if the platform is incredibly easy to use then it may be geared more towards taking your money than delivering results.

The danger with PPC is that if you thrown enough budget at it you will get results. So our focus is on getting the maximum return on investment. This means testing and continuous optimisation.

“It’s an investment but it can turn around a business”