What could go wrong if you ignore Google Business?

If I was to tell you that someone you’ve never met is potentially spreading misinformation about your business what would you do about it?  What if I told you Google might be telling people your business has closed down?  By not claiming your Google Business profile you are forgoing control of the first impression many customers will get of your business.  The good news is that taking control of your Google Business profile is really easy.  In this episode of ‘Internet Marketing for Humans’ I discuss what Google Business is, how they use the Knowledge Box and what you can do about it.

Podcast notes

How uncomfortable would you be if someone else was giving people information about your business?
What’s the most damaging bit of misinformation that could be publicly available about your business?
If you don’t tell Google what’s what then they will give their best guess (well, not a guess but you get the idea)
There was a local company I needed to contact but the knowledge graph said they were permanently closed.
Google is trusted, so if people see misinformation in the knowledge box they’ll probably believe it, and probably won’t bother checking your site.  After all, Google has more authority than you do.
What about bad reviews?  If someone leaves a stinker of a review on Google it will be shown in the knowledge graph, and without claiming your Google Business profile you have no means to reply.
Even the images shown in the knowledge graph are important.  I know of a lot of local businesses which are really great companies, but the image shown in their knowledge graph (thanks to Google Business) is terrible.  It’s either an irrelevant photo, or if the business is run from home (nothing wrong with that) then it’ll be a Google Streetview image of a residential street.
Google ultimately tries to keep people on their results pages because they sell ad space there.  So if you decide to ignore the knowledge panel now you may regret it in the future.
The brilliant news is that claiming your Google Business profile is really easy.
Listen to the podcast episode for more information.

“Google wants to make the web a better place, and this is one of the ways they think the business world is going to be made a better place.”