What are Google Search Console errors?

What is Google Search Console and why does it matter?  What happens if you get a notification from Google telling you that there is a problem with your website that needs fixing?  In this episode we reveal what constitutes an error in Search Console and whether you need to bother fixing them or not.

Podcast notes

What is Google Search Console?

  • It used to be called Webmaster Tools.
  • It is a way of making sure you are providing everything useful to Google that you can.

Signing up with Search Console is essential, not just for all the many positive things you can do with it, but also for fixing problems Google perceives your site to have.

If you or your SEO resource has connected verified your website with Google Search Console you may have received an email notifying you of an error with your site that needs fixing.

Search console errors are important because they show you how Google perceives your site, and in terms of SEO nothing else really matters.

After fixing reported errors it’s important to get them validated by google. The exact method changes sometimes, there’s currently a method for validating the fix in the ‘coverage’ section of Google Search Console.

If you’re unsure of an error then google it, there’s tons of help out here, a lot of it from Google themselves – remember, Google want your site to be brilliant, they are not the enemy

If you can’t fix the errors then find someone who can, it’s a good investment

“If they ask you to jump, it’s not a bad thing to say how high”