Top tips for better video calls.

Video conferencing has been thrust upon many of us whether we like it or not. In this episode of Internet Marketing for Humans we talk to Gareth Patch of semi-echo and discuss how, with just a few little tweaks, you can take your video conversations from blurry and noisy to clear and engaging.

Here’s some things to consider that could make meetings and podcast recording using video conferencing software a bit better.

  • Don’t talk over each other; wait until people stop talking before leaping in. This will allow for any delay in the system to catch up and it’s courteous as well.
  • Turn off notifications and sounds on other devices near you if you don’t need them on. This can be distracting and can interrupt a conversation.
  • Where possible, use bookcases, soft furnishings etc to help control the sound of your room.
  • If you are recording audio only podcasts that consist of a number of participants, consider hand signals to alert other hosts that you have something to add to a conversation before it moves on. This will also stop dialogue crashing into each other.
  • Make sure one person is in charge of the meeting/recording and knows where the files are being saved to.