The most important SEO fact for ranking

There are hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands, of articles online of how to do ‘good’ SEO and how to boost your rankings. Whilst it’s true there are hundreds of ranking factors, there’s really only one thing that actually, one hundred per cent totally matters. In this episode of Internet Marketing for Humans, we’re going to reveal what that is and what you can do about it.


Google doesn’t care how many links you have to your site

Google doesn’t care how much you spend on advertising

Google doesn’t care what your domain name is

Google doesn’t care what you had for lunch

Yes there are many ranking factors, but almost all of them reflect this one basic truth about what Google really cares about.


Google cares about authority

They just want to send their customers (everyone!) to the best possible source for the information their customers are searching


So how to you build authority?  Ah, well that’s the challenge!


Google kinda say you shouldn’t bother trying to improve your authority, and that makes total sense.  Your authority should naturally increase as a byproduct of running a great business.


So how can we increase authority without being spammy or un-natural?  Well the same way you would increase exposure for your brand without doing anything sketchy.


Find ways to get people with much more authority than you to talk about you.  Ideally you want them to link to you. Yeah I said Google doesn’t care how many links you have, but they do care about how authoritative the links to you are.  A small handful of kickass links will boost your ranking much more than thousands of crappy backlinks.


So how do you encourage people more with more authority than you to talk about you?  I can’t answer this for you. But what would you do offline to get build your personal network?  It’s not massively different to what you can do online. Be natural, don’t force it. Yes it takes time.


PR is another great way to increase authority.  Websites like HARO (help a reporter out) will help you find journalists who are looking for sources.  If you can be quoted as a source in an online article (and if you can get a link) then your authority will increase.  In fact we’ve seen rankings skyrocket after just one or two links from national newspaper websites.


Create amazing content that your audience absolutely loves and naturally wants to link to.


Beyond these two simple ideas is where the complexity of SEO kicks in, but in general it always comes back to one thing – make the web a better place!


If you would like to know more about authority and how to increase it then have a read of this article    In fact the very fact I’m including this link to someone else’s site is a nice example of how creating brilliant content naturally inspires backlinks and increases authority for the site being linked to.