The fast way to find opportunities in any market.

What’s the fastest way to find new opportunities in any market? We, here at Andrew Laws Associates, have a list of questions we ask ourselves and our clients to try and get to the bottom of how a market operates and where the opportunities are. In this episode of Internet Marketing for Humans we consider the answers to this list.

  • Who are the influencers / who makes buying decisions in each market?
  • Where does the market ‘hang out’; where online and offline can we find individuals in the market?
  • What conferences / exhibitions are important in the market?
  • What speaking opportunities can we find in the market?
  • Can we create content (written, video or other) to place in industry publications?
  • Can we position our client as an influencer?
  • How important is social media to this market?
  • Are genuine relationships formed or do marketing influencers in this niche use social networking as a foghorn?
  • Should we be using social media at all, or should we focus on one platform, like Linked In?
  • What opportunities will paid advertising / PPC (pay per click) open up for us, and which networks. How much reach can we expect for how much budget?
  • What tone / content type appears to motivate market players?
  • Who is linking to the market leaders? Can we use this data to better understand interactions between market players?
  • How do companies within the defined market nurture brand exposure?