Should you use www for your website address or not?

You may have noticed that some websites have a www at the start of the web address, and some do not.  And what on earth is an apex domain?  Does any of this matter for SEO?  In this episode of ‘Internet Marketing for Humans’ we look into what the www is all about reveal whether having an www will help or hinder your SEO efforts.

Podcast notes

I’m talking about this because a lot of the information I’m finding online goes into a ton of detail about DNS. I’m not going to do this, this podcast is about making this sort of topic understandable to people outside of the SEO industry.

If a domain doesn’t contain www at the start we call it a apex domain, so as apposed to

www is actually a sub-domain, but don’t worry too much about that.

Some people called apex domains ’naked’ but to be honest it’s easier to just say ‘domain without www’.

Setting up www is actually more effort when organising DNS.

Why was www ever used? Good question, but it stuck for a while!
It doesn’t really matter whether you choose apex or www
I prefer apex because I think it’s neater. It’s closer to brand.

Reasons to go apex:

  • It’s snappier and looks better
  • People no longer need to be spoon fed www
    www looks a bit old fashioned

There are some reasons to use www but in my experience they’re very marginal gains, and most reasons involve something complex relating to how cookies work.

In Summary:

  • Don’t worry if you’re listening and are using www, it’s really not that important.
  • No matter which variant you use it’s crucial to make sure they both work.
  • Even although both work you need to choose one and stick with it.
  • Make sure the same variant is used everywhere, don’t let some inbound links use www and some not.

“Why was www ever used if we don’t need it?”