How many websites should you have?

You may have noticed that some of your competitors have multiple websites, sometimes for selling the same products.  Why do they do that?  In this episode of Internet Marketing for Humans we explore the reasons behind one company having multiple websites.  We also discuss the pros and cons of this approach to Internet Marketing and how it impacts on SEO.


Podcast notes

Simple answer is ‘how many do you need’?

Why would you want more than one website?:

  • To appeal to different markets.  For example Billie Box Ltd have a website specifically build for the agricultural community.
  • The whole look and feel and language (and content / blogs) can be targeted to the market.
  • Some markets use different terminology or keywords to sell the same products.
  • Some countries have different names for products.

Sometimes companies build multiple websites to laser target SEO to different markets.

You might want to build another website to launch events or for hyping specific products .

  • If you create launch or hype website what are you going to do with the site afterwards? 301 it? Be careful if you do, redirecting tons of domains to your site isn’t great SEO.

You might not need several websites if you use the silo method.

  • The Silo method is a way of creating sub sections of a site that are clearly different propositions in the eyes of both visitors and Google.
  • So if your business has more than one key areas of business that are quite different it’s still possible to have just one website.
  • For example Viking Mariners provides yacht chartering alongside a sea school (where you can learn to sail), so there are two distinct areas of their website.
  • If you silo then build relevant links to the silo landing pages.

So you probably only need one website, but if you are going to build another one give it a lot of thought. Websites need maintenance, especially if they are WordPress or some other CMS.

“Don’t worry too much about duplicate content, this is something that people have been freaking out about with regards to SEO for a long time.”