E-commerce SEO – quick wins and getting ahead of competitors

Deciding you want to ‘do’ E-commerce and having an online store isn’t enough to get you to rank or to bring customers regularly to your site. So, here is a comprehensive introduction to SEO for E-commerce.

In this episode of Internet Marketing for Humans, we reveal several easy ways to gain significant advantages over your competitors, discuss some of the good practice around e-commerce and why it’s a good idea to make an effort.

Episode Notes

Product descriptions
Without them you look no different to competitors in the eyes of google and the public.
Don’t forget that product descriptions are an opportunity to sell
Enhance product descriptions with video.

Meta descriptions
Look at what your competitors are saying about their products. Writing a better meta description is an opportunity to stand out from the competition

Schema Markup
Make sure your site uses schema / rich snippets / microdata

Keyword research for category and product titles
Important for the same reason page titles are for ‘standard’ SEO

If possible shoot your own images, otherwise you’ll be using the same images as everyone else.

Make the user experience as smooth as possible
A good buying experience will not only increase conversions, it will send positive signals to Google
Use tools like Hotjar to look for user experience improvements

Do everything you can to get reviews, not only do they help sales they show google you are authoritative
Build a review funnel or build a page on your site that specifically nurtures / steers reviews
Lots of online store systems will automatically email customers to ask them to review products, but personal emails will work better if you have the time

I can’t emphasise how important good content is for online stores
Blog about, supplier stories, why and how you choose products, emphasise your customer service and reviews.

Don’t forget to build good inbound links, do good PR!
Interlink your store pages