Where did all the blog posts go?

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You may have noticed that our website used to have a lot of blog posts.  We have been in business since 2013 as ‘Andrew Laws Associates Ltd’ and as ‘Web Care Takers’ (starting in 2001) before that.  Over all that time we created a lot of blog content.  We posted thought pieces, practical guides and generally did all we could to give away free advice.  So what changed?

In September 2019 we decided to dedicate more of our time to creating a Podcast.  We wanted a way to share SEO and Internet Marketing knowledge with as many people as possible.  So we launched our ‘Internet Marketing for Humans’ podcast.

We took a good hard look at the blog content we had created over the years we realised a lot of it was out of date.  Articles detailing our opinions on industry developments age really quickly, and we’re fine with that, we know Google won’t make much of an effort to rank that sort of content long term.  But the extensive, long-form ‘how to’ style blog posts needed a lot of work to bring them up to date.

We frequently advise clients to regularly update their most popular blog posts.  Even if the advice or opinion hasn’t changed since our clients posted the articles, updating posts sends a great message to Google, regarding your relevance and focus.  The advice we have given in previous posts hasn’t changed much, but the methods have.  We’re obsessive about best practice in Internet Marketing; we work to the mantra that making the web a better place is a good thing for everyone.  If you get to know Google guidelines it is very clear that Google notice when anyone invests in making the web a better place for everyone.

A lot of our old tutorials contained screenshots of software and web services that have changed greatly since the time of writing.  As with any company, we don’t have a unlimited amount of resource.  So instead of updating old tutorials we decided to concentrate our efforts on our new Podcast.  That being said there are few tutorials from our old blog that we do plan to update.  We plan to create new blog content regularly, to share nuggets of SEO and Internet Marketing goodness.

If there’s a topic you would like us to cover either on our blog or on our new ‘Internet Marketing for Humans‘ podcast, please get in touch…


Technical sub-note

If you are going to delete old content on your site then you are in danger of creating a lot of 404 / not found errors for your visitors.  This is not good.  It’s frustrating for your visitors and from Google’s perspective you are not creating a good user experience.  Ideally you should redirect anyone trying to visit the removed page to somewhere else on your website.  You can do this using a 301 redirect.  If you don’t have an appropriate place to redirect visitors to then redirect them to your homepage.  Deleting content from your site can be problematic, but even Google know that not everything last forever.