The Reporting Difference

We tell you the things you need to know!

Reports from Andrew Laws Associates focus on lead generation, conversion rates and above all; revenue.

Other Internet Marketing and SEO companies focus their client reporting on metrics like reach and rank. It is important to see improvements with aspects of SEO, like where your website is placed in search engine rankings, so we report on that. But we know what really matters to our clients is increasing revenues. We provide our clients with time-proved reporting factors used in SEO and Internet Marketing, but our reports primarily focus on profits.

We pride ourselves in creating clear reporting. We’re yet to meet a client who loves reading endless pages of Internet Marketing metrics minutiae.

Naturally we love the teeny tiny details, but we know what you are really interested in is seeing a direction correlation between what we’re doing and an increase in your bottom line.

Our clients stick with us because we drive progress, not because we create very pretty charts. Client reporting should be precise, concise and easy to digest. After all, with any aspect of business it’s the data that helps drive decision making.

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