Like a lot of companies we have developed a culture that we feel helps our clients get the most value from us, but also helps those who work closely with us understand where we are coming from.  Many successful companies formalise their working culture and distil it into a document that is available to those within the organisation.

It’s a little but unusual for a company like ours to make their culture definitions public, but it is becoming increasingly common.  If you are reading this you could be one of our colleagues, you might be one of our clients, or we might not know each other yet.  No matter which category you fall into we hope you find our culture interesting. This is a working ‘document’ that evolves over time, so please feel free to come back and see what changes as we move forward with the business.

Who works at Andrew Laws Associates?

The company was founded by Andrew Laws in 2013, previously Andrew operated as a sole-trader under the trading name ‘Web Caretakers’ (starting in 2001).  Andrew is the managing director and co-ordinates a team of talented, dedicated freelancers.  Our freelancers act as team members and are wholly dedicated to the company and its goals.  In the near future we may hire full time employees, but for now we feel that working with trusted freelancers gives everyone involved in Andrew Laws Associates access to an incredible knowledge-base of well earned knowledge and experience.  Everyone who works for Andrew Laws Associates Ltd has signed a mutual, two-way non-disclosure agreement.

Each member of our team is chosen (and celebrated) for having a curious mind, a passion for creativity and an incredible enthusiasm for learning.  Several team members are actively performing musicians, one of us has written romance novels.  Above all we chose to work with people who seek out opportunities and knowledge that helps drive our clients forwards towards their goals.



Clarity of communication is key to both internal relationships and crucial to how we relate to our clients.  When we communicate with anyone we focus on being understood, and endeavour not to use industry technobabble or confusing acronyms.  When technical jargon is unavoidable we will always explain how what we’re talking about relates to the real-world.

Internally we very rarely email each other.  We use G Suite to collaborate on documents, Trello to manage projects and Slack for internal communications.  Clients are welcome to email us, but most find instant messaging or phone calls preferable.  We work really hard to respond to messages from anyone as swiftly as possible, but sometimes this isn’t possible.


Where do we work?

We have an office with nice chairs and a comfy sofa on Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate in Ipswich.  We love visiting our clients because we can sometimes learn a lot from seeing them in their natural environment.

There is usually someone in the office, but when appropriate several of us also work from home.  The office is ‘sound-treated’ to make it a pleasant environment to work in.  This acoustic treatment also makes the office great for recording voiceovers and podcasts.  The acoustic tiling also makes our vintage separates hi-fi and large speaker stacks sound fantastic, so we listen to a lot of music while working.