Are you cheap?

The definition of ‘cheap’ is fairly subjective, but we’re unlikely to be considered cheap by many people.  If you want cheap marketing, then we’re probably not a good fit. If you want a fantastic return on your marketing investment, then let’s talk.

Do you have a list of your services?

Not formally, no. The list would be long. Our business was founded on SEO and Digital Marketing, so naturally we’re focussed in that direction. But we’re just as passionate about graphic design, copywriting, photography, video production, audio production, PR, exhibition stand management, UX design, web design, software development, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and many other things. Look like a list? It’s just the tip of a really creative iceberg.

Have you worked with X or Y industry before?

We believe it’s unethical to work with more than one client in any industry.  So there’s a good chance we’ve not worked in your niche before.  But a big part of what we get a kick out of is learning FAST!  In fact coming to a new market with fresh eyes can reveal some great new opportunities for our clients.

Do you do SEO?

Very much so.  We have been ‘doing’ SEO since around 1998.  But crucially we only recommend SEO to clients if it’s the right tool for the job.

Who was Keyser Söze

We’re pretty sure you know the answer to this one…


If the question you would like to ask us isn’t part of this list please contact Andrew Laws direct using the button below.

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